Symbolizing kindness, sophistication, and self-care, Parme is the exquisite candle house of London fashioning little treasures of light in the majestic shades of mauve, white, blue, and more. The significance of Parme lies in the core belief of curating tailored royal experiences of calm, beauty, and healing through enchanting candle fragrances.

With care and responsibility as our stepping stones, we support environment-friendly initiatives. Crafted with love, our candles are completely eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and vegan.

We are delighted to see you prioritize self-care, happy exploring!


Everything we do or are, comes down to one tiny moment of impact that changes our perception, ideas, and flow in life. Parme envisions creating such heartfelt experiences for you that bring you nothing but light and tranquility!

It’s truly a wonder how the profound likeness of something so understated can open doors to the most important journeys of our lives. Exploring such a quest was a college guy, for whom the subtle trivial moments of life were the bliss. He was always fascinated with the idea of candles. The way they surround us with warmth and humbleness, the pure aura it creates as well as the simplicity in the light they scatter.

Though the flicker of electric lights has its own charm, the subtle strokes of the flame were what left him awestruck. It wasn’t long before; the collector of fine candles stumbled upon the scented collection of candles. It was almost as if his heightened emotions were telling him something. Finally, it was in 2023 that he pursued the calling of his desire and founded Parme; Pareen Mehta, the illuminarian of hope, serenity, and majesty.

Being in the sophisticated aura of these candles always induced the feeling of subtle royalty in him. It was only then that he wanted to radiate that simplistic yet regal charm of these heavenly pieces. The dark hue of Mauve was what gave color to those surreal feelings. This shade of timeless beauty, vibrance, and nostalgia brought Parme to life.

It’s time to edify your mind, body, and space with these bespoke treasures and make it, Regally Yours!